Free Range Humans

How to Build Systems for Deeper Learning – A Conversation with Jason Glass

Episode Summary

There are lots of powerful classrooms, some great schools, but few districts or larger systems where students experience a meaningful, relevant, challenging and engaging education across the board. Jason Glass is with us to discuss his vision and strategies for building larger systems that can better support deeper learning for all students.

Episode Notes

In this week's episode, Rod and Jal are joined by Jason Glass. Jason  is the commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education, and prior to that, served as superintendent for Jefferson County (Jeffco) Public Schools in Colorado. 

The discussion covers how Jason developed his own view of what education and deeper learning should be; the conundrum of balancing top-down vs. bottom-up approaches;  thoughts on the traditional A–F grading system; what role the state plays in developing education systems; and how politics, especially in a state like Kentucky, affect the landscape.